Remember These?

Get access to all of the Thinklab features and amenities for 2 business days on your free trial

High Speed Internet

You'll be able to use our internet, averaging 20Mbps upload and download.

Free Printing

You'll be able to use our printer for black and white and colour printing. Fair use applies.

Free Drinks

Refuel with complimentary tea, coffee and water.

Meeting Room

You'll be able to use our meeting room as if you're a Thinklab member. The room includes a TV presentation set, chairs and a table and seats 8.

Access The Office 24/7

Thinklab is open 24/7 to our members, and that'll include you.

On-site Facilities

While on the free trial, you'll have access to all of Thinklab's facilities including toilets, the shower and kitchette.

Where is Thinklab?

Right in the heart of Freo, that’s where! You’ll find the entrance next to The National Hotel on Market Street. Look for the sign and you’ll see a little doorway, that’s us.

It’s a fantastic spot to enjoy everything that Fremantle has to offer.

We'd love to have you give Thinklab a try!

And of course, there’s no obligation to continue after the trial.

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